our scope of work varies from project to project and is based on an initial strategy discussion with  the author.


Book Proposal Review

Read-through of an existing nonfiction book proposal (whether the author already has an agent or not) from the perspective of someone who has been in the room when acquisitions are being discussed, with an eye towards strengthening the document overall and the marketing portion in particular.

Publishing Consult

Tailored for first-time authors. Discussion of author and publisher timelines, expectations, who does what, the importance of retailers, and key book sites and communities the author should be aware of.

Social Media Audit and Build

Review the author’s existing platforms, content, and posting. Consult on content build-out and schedules, expanding audiences/followers, and events such as Facebook Live. Review the author’s GoodReads presence and suggest activities and elements for that book community site.


Prepare media menu of budget-conscious paid advertising opportunities for author’s review (including timing, description, reach/impressions, design considerations, and costs). Consult on and execute media booking and contract negotiating to maximize impact and ROI. Handle writing content, hiring of graphic designers, and project management of ad deliverables. For Facebook advertising, build advertising targeting lists, consult on timing and costs and messaging.

Influencer and Partner Outreach

Determine appropriate key influencers and organizations to contact regarding book promotion or cross-promotion. Lead pitch creation, establishing connections, book mailings, and follow-up. 

Book Clubs

Write a reading group guide/discussion guide, consult on book club outreach and activities.

Price Promotions for E-books

With author and publisher, determine opportunities for price adjustments, themed groups, and strategic advertising. Ensure social media content promotes accordingly.


Research speaking engagement and work with the author on pitches and pursuing opportunities.


Review press materials, strategize media outreach, draft pitches, and counsel on media interaction.